How to Delete and Pause YouTube Watch History?

It appears that with its ongoing Google+ refresh, YouTube has taken its finger off of the interruption catch on your watch history.

YouTube tracks the recordings you watch, giving a helpful rundown should you need to come back to a video you enigmatically review viewing before. On the off chance that you had this element delayed prior to YouTube’s refresh this month, your watch history is by and by rolling.


Your watch history is perceptible just from your record, however that doesn’t mean a companion utilizing your PC couldn’t inadvertently find your LOLcats fixation. Along these lines, now is a decent time to survey your watch history the executives choices.


You can erase your whole history by tapping the Clear all watch history catch at the highest point of the list. What’s more, you can prevent YouTube from adding to the rundown by clicking Pause watch history. You can additionally evacuate especially humiliating recordings by choosing the check boxes by them, and after that clicking Remove.


View, Erase, or Stop Watch History (Signed in)


You can get to your watch history inside the YouTube application by means of the directions beneath. Your watch history is spared in your Google Account if Videos you watch on YouTube is turned on.

Go to discover recordings that you’ve seen while marked in. This incorporates recordings that you have watched while marked in to the YouTube application on cell phones, and in addition

It additionally incorporates recordings you’ve viewed in a YouTube player on different sites while marked in to Google Chrome. Changes you make to your record watch history will be considered all gadgets you sign in to with this record.


Your watch history from the YouTube Music application won’t show up in your fundamental YouTube watch history. Recordings viewed in the YouTube application or on try not to show up in the YouTube Music application watch history. To see all recordings viewed in all YouTube applications,


On the off chance that you delay your watch history, this applies over your Google account. This implies on the off chance that you delay or on the other hand unpause history in the YouTube Music application, this activity delays or unpauses history for your account over all YouTube applications, including


Erasing a video from your history likewise applies over your Google account. For instance, on the off chance that you erase a video from your YouTube application history, and you observed the very same video in the YouTube Music application, it will likewise be erased from the YouTube Music application.


To stop or unpause watch history:

  • Tap your profile photograph > Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Flip the flip beside Pause watch history to turn on or off.


To see or erase watch history:

  • Tap your profile photograph > Settings.
  • Select Privacy > Manage watch history.
  • To erase recordings you’ve watched, tap the check box beside the video, at that point tap DELETE.


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